How to cheat protection from bots to obtain http response

/ November 21, 2020

This article is for educational purposes only. What is anti-bot protection? In the context of web-surfing anti-bot protection is a set of methods that can identify request sent by robot and either block response or change it. These methods can be used on both server- and client-side code. It can prevent website from being parsed and spammed by web-automated systems.

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FAQ about WordPress CMS

/ November 5, 2020

How to remove unnecessary parts of a content generated by wordpress WordPress CMS addes useless html parts to site content. Removing it lets you to get rid of html trash and hides what is the real cms your site is running on. Just add the following code to functions.php or build plugin and install it. remove_action( ‘wp_head’, ‘wp_resource_hints’, 2 );

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Customizable audio player for webpages

/ November 4, 2020

What issues are disccused here: embedding audio player to an html page customizing audio player using css setup of audio player (with extra capabilities) using javascript Is it impossible to customize audio tag (enable styles for a standart html audio player)? As stated in MDN Web Docs: You can style the default controls with properties that affect the block as

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FAQ about .Net Text to Speech converter

/ October 15, 2020

.Net has System.Speech.Synthesis namespace that contains class to work with text-to-speech synthesizer software. Usually TTS is already installed on Windows machine and can be used in applications. How to use TTS converter in .Net? TTS converter is placed in System.Speech.Synthesis namespace, but it is not a part of default namespaces. Therefor it should be added to references: In Visual Studio

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Imaging on C#

/ May 27, 2020

There are many possibilities to process graphical information in .Net. Microsoft has Graphics Device Interface for imaging. Its functionality is provided by System.Drawing.Common namespace in .Net Core and Framework. By means of C# imaging it is possible: to create images to edit images to create 2D animations to create math graphics to draw formatted text Intro of imaging on C#

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Sitemap generator application

/ May 21, 2020

You can download source from our repo or download portable program. What is Sitemap? Sitemap is a set of urls to website pages. Site owner should put the most important page urls with some extra information like priority number, modification date and changes frequency to sitemap. As stated in sitemap protocol description: Using the Sitemap protocol does not guarantee that web pages

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FAQ about HTTP Client with examples

/ May 8, 2020

What is HTTP Client? In client-server model Server is the one who handle requests and send responses, Client is the one who send requests and handle responses. Generally speaking, Client is a program, library or a program method that: Sends request with some data to the server Recieves response messege from server That list is a minimal requirements to be

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