FAQ about .Net Text to Speech converter

/ October 15, 2020

.Net has System.Speech.Synthesis namespace that contains class to work with text-to-speech synthesizer software. Usually TTS is already installed on Windows machine and can be used in applications. How to use TTS converter in .Net? TTS converter is placed in System.Speech.Synthesis namespace, but it is not a part of default namespaces. Therefor it should be added to references: In Visual Studio

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Imaging on C#

/ May 27, 2020

There are many possibilities to process graphical information in .Net. Microsoft has Graphics Device Interface for imaging. Its functionality is provided by System.Drawing.Common namespace in .Net Core and Framework. By means of C# imaging it is possible: to create images to edit images to create 2D animations to create math graphics to draw formatted text Intro of imaging on C#

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FAQ about HTTP Client with examples

/ May 8, 2020

What is HTTP Client? In client-server model Server is the one who handle requests and send responses, Client is the one who send requests and handle responses. Generally speaking, Client is a program, library or a program method that: Sends request with some data to the server Recieves response messege from server That list is a minimal requirements to be

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FAQ about Regular expressions with examples

/ April 4, 2020

Regular expressions are both textual data processing method and language for building masks. Mask is a set of symbols and special characters that represent some pattern, which is used to catch segments of text for further work (replacing, extracting, checking conditions). Regular expressions can be used with many popular programming languages: C#, javascript, pyton, php and so on. Note: rules

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FAQ about Selenium WebDriver on c# with examples

/ April 1, 2020

Selenium is a set of tools that are used to automate web browser work. It is possible to use these tools with such popular languages as C#, PHP and Java. How to install Selenium tools to the project in Visual Studio? First of all, it is necessary to install Selenium.Webdriver packages to the project. By means of NuGet package manager

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Drag-and-Drop on C# in WPF

/ March 29, 2020

Developing desktop WPF or WinForm projects, you can stumble upon an idea of creating drag & drop functionality. Drag-and-Drop effect will simplify file manipulation between browser, computer file system and desktop applications. To understand the following sample you should already know: Basic priciples of Object-oriented programming How to create WPF or WinForm projects To make it work you should get

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