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For russian people who want to see their soldiers alive and innocent of a crime against humanity

RF government lies to you and hides the truth about war in Ukraine

Your soldiers are commanded to kill ukrainian citizens, destroy sities, shoot public transport.

Your rulers hide the real number of destroyed russian soldiers.

What you can do to stop the war?

  1. Install and use VPN
  2. Visit to find your friend or family member
  3. Share this to your friend and family
  4. Take part in meeting against war
  5. Don’t go to work

Zelensky’s appeal to the Russians

Translation: “Hello, my name is Volodymyr Zelenskyy. I am the President of Ukraine. We (ukrainians) have never wished evil to the Russians and attacked your country as your media and government say. I am asking you to take your sons, your husbands back home. They are dying here in the war that noone needs and thery are killing our children. Take them home, let them survive.”

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